Super VF 2600 Adhesive

Super VF 2600 Adhesive

VF 2600 graphite or green adhesives are recommended for cold applications in splice making and repairing conveyor belts and for application in drum linings, driving cylinders, silos, mills, gutters, tanks, buckets, sleeves, chutes, among others. Non-flammable, they have excellent tensile strength, flexure, fatigue aging and, because they are applied locally, allow the operation to stop for less time.
The difference between the two adhesives is exclusively in color. Because its application can occur in low-light locations, the green adhesive provides better visibility of the repair area.
The adhesive should be mixed to the catalyst in the proportion of a VF 2600 (1000g) adhesive can for a VF (25g) catalyst glass, and it is maintained in cases of larger packages.
Vulcaflex catalysts are chemical crosslinking agents that, when mixed with adhesives, cause them to activate their final vulcanization and bonding properties.

Rubber x Rubber
Rubber x Wood
Rubber x Fabric
Fabric x Fabric
Rubber x Concrete
Rubber x Metal

Reference Description Complement Packaging Boxes Validity*
1500 VF 2600 Adhesive 1kg (Green) Can 6 18 months
1503 VF 2600 Adhesive 1kg (Graphite) Can 6 18 months
1506 VF 2600 Adhesive 5kg (Graphite) Can 1 18 months
733 VF 2600 Adhesive 24kg (Graphite) Gallon 1 18 months
1515 VF Catalyst 25g Glass 6 18 months

*From the date of manufacture.