Vulcaflex is a company which has been for over 28 years operating in the market focused on solutions in rubber-derived products both in Brazil and worldwide, thus ensuring greater quality, differentiated customer services and competitive costs in three different business lines: Automotive Line, Bike Line, and Industrial Line.
We are one of the top industries manufacturers of special elastomers to be used in tire retreading, repairs, coating and industrial bonding for drive drums and conveyor belts, among other services, providing services in the whole national territory and over 40 countries in Latin America, USA, Asia, and Europe. Set-up in 1995 in the City of Uberlândia-MG, Vulcaflex develops high-quality products in technologies and raw materials in order to provide services to the most different segments in the world market. We are constantly focused on sustainable development of our operations, generating greater efficiency and additional savings to our partners. This explains why Vulcaflex is the meaning of presence and a renowned brand in Brazil and overseas, and uses such accomplishments to search for new borders with boldness and responsibility.


Vulcaflex 28 anos

We are responsible for the life quality of future enerations. Fostering development of an ecology-oriented awareness, encouraging and designing citizen-responsible initiatives is the natural consequence of our commitment towards the lives of people pertaining to the communities where we operate.
Vulcaflex invests in voluntary initiatives which contribute towards inciting people for being conscious of the importance in the environment and the reasonable, sustainable use of the planet’s natural resources. We also conduct free activities which provide educational and training supports to low-income citizens and non-profit institutions. We encourage the process of inserting professionals from different careers by means of our partnership with educational organizations, providing them with the chance to join academic knowledge to practice.

Institutional Statements.


Delivering solutions in rubber articles to provide safe individual and cargo transportations, with attested profitability and quality.


Being strong, competitive brand, acknowledged both all over the Brazilian and international markets.


Strong relationships
Commitment to results


  • 1990

    Vulcaflex is founded in the city of Mateus Leme - MG, having started operations with only 6 employees, doing much with little and overcoming any adversity.